WWW.MCARE.LK -The online doctors e channeling and telemedicine system in Sri Lanka .

Channel a doctor in Sri Lanka via www.mcare.lk e channeling service.

Extending our Care to your Doorstep through WWW.MCARE.LK Telemedicine e channeling Services.

We at WWW.MCARE.LK e channeling hope you and your loved ones are staying safe in these unforeseen times. With the lockdown keeping everyone indoors, we are striving to provide the best healthcare advice channel a doctor without any hindrance. As timely medical assistance simply cannot wait, we bring you WWW.MCARE.LK Telemedicine e channeling Services.

This special service connects you with lot of SLMC registered MBBS doctors in Sri Lanka, who has best medical experience including online treatment. Whether you are in a remote location with limited access to medical centres,doctors or simply cannot step out during these times, WWW.MCARE.LK Telemedicine e channelling Services gives you access to unmatched expertise doctors in Sri Lanka to answer all health-related queries using any telecommunication or internet based digital platforms, like email, phone, chat and video consultations after e channel.

Why let physical distance and travel time limit access to care, when WWW.MCARE.LK Telemedicine e channeling Services can channel doctors help you overcome geographical boundaries with ease with doctor channeling like doc 99 and doc lk.With the  doctors in sri lanka the service is easier, more convenient and flexible, making real-time access to world-class healthcare possible from any part of the globe. 

Stay home. Stay safe. WWW.MCARE.LK e channeling is at your beck-and-call to provide doctor consultation over the telephone or internet between 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM and 4.00 PM to 10.00 AM during weekdays and 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM in weekend days.

This is applicable only for planned doctors consultation via doctors list in sri lanka.

For information or to channel a doctor call  us 070 522 66 73

Doctor channeling in Sri Lanka is very easy now due to WWW.Mcare.lk​ doctor booking system.

channel a doctor and get consultation and treatmet from a doctor online in Sri Lanka.
channel a doctor and get consultation and treatmet from a doctor online in Sri Lanka.

Mcare lk provide best online doctors in Sri Lanka.